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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 23, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it was a hot exchange at the irs hearing. it's over but we're posting it. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. by the way, ed klein will be here tonight to reveal his bombshell new book "blood feud," which exposes the rocky relationship between the obamas and clinton. militants still on the move in iraq. the terror group isis captured more territory. secretary of state kerry landed in baghdad and urged officials
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to rise above secretatarian vioe and form a new government as rapidly as possible. we turn to sky news foreign affairs editor sam kiley. he is on the ground in baghdad tonight. sam. >> secretary of state john kerry has come to baghdad with two intents. one is to put pressure on nuri al maliki to rapidly form a government or indeed to put pressure on other elements of the body politic in baghdad to rapidly form a government. and the reason for that is that isis has enjoyed the most incredible rampage across the country. it's now taken the lyon's share of anbar provence. the jordanians have been so rattled that they moved armor up to the border because they could be badly affected by an isis
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infiltration into their territory. in order to establish if it isn't nuri al maliki, who could it be to go forward? one of the criticisms of al maliki that over his period of his administrations, he has put placement, loyalists in key positions in the military and in the intelligence services and undermined the professional ability of both. and that is why experts estimate that some 25% of the iraqi regular army is completely nonfunctional, some 60 battalions are believed to have effectively evaporated. it takes many months to put those back together, to get the remains of them, rearm them and get them back on to the front foot. >> for more on secretary kerry's trip to iraq, we turn to james
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rosen. james. >> reporter: sean, good evening. secretary of state john kerry said he received strong commitments from the iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki and also from sunni and kurd alike that they will step on the gas on forming a new government here in iraq. kerry met with al maliki, a shiite, for almost two hours. senior official says the prime minister and other senior figures of all religious sects have been rendered deeply fearful of isis and look to repel the invaders as if the americans can wave a magic wand. kerry, for his part, told reporters the u.s. is ramping up intelligence, ammunition supplies but again urged al maliki and company to do their part.
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>> support will be intense and sustained and if iraq's leaders take the necessary steps to bring the country together, it will be effective. >> reporter: kerry also made clear, however, that president obama, quote, won't be hampered if they fail to act swiftly. >> the president has moved assets into place and has been gaining each day the assurances he needs with respect to potential target ing. >> reporter: kerry says this is not just iraq's crisis but a regional one and one with implications for the world beyond. his trip still has several mideast and european capitals to go and i'll be sitting down one o one-on-one to interview secretary of state kerry tomorrow. >> while isis continues to take control of new territory in iraq, there are new concerns whether the threat could be extended not only to a vast region around the iraq area in the middle east but also in the u.s. we go to washington for the
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details. katherine. >> reporter: u.s. officials say at least 100 americans have gone to syria to join the jihad and are likely to return with a direct threat to the u.s. there is no greater priority for the bureau than tracking u.s. citizens in syria and iraq. >> we're spending a tremendous amount of time and effort trying to identify those who go so they can know who they are when they come back. >> reporter: the fbi recently breaking up an alleged recruitment cell in texas. federal authorities claim that these men tried to identify and train recruits. the number of al qaeda linked groups has jumped from 31 in
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2010 to 49 in 2014. it has the potential to be a new safe haven, the way al qaeda used the taliban and afghanistan to plot 9/11. >> i'm still very concerned about syria as a breeding ground and staging ground for terrorist groups. to the extent that the activities of this isil group expand that safe haven, that launching ground, it's obviously makes the concern bigger. >> and u.s. intelligence agencies are anticipating a flood of jihadists who will leave syria and return to their home countries. with the british prime minister david cameron already warning they are plotting attacks in britain, sean. >> thank you. joining me more in studio, fox news chief and correspondent ed henry. rare trip to new york. good to see you. >> how you doing. >> they got a lot on their plate. >> they do.
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one of the biggest developments is this outpost that was taken over by isis on the syrian border. you have twin crises on the middle east that are colliding for president obama. when you hear james rosen reporting on secretary of state john kerry saying we may be able to wait for a new iraqi government to be formed, the u.s. may have to go forward with air strikes of their own, this is something the president said about a year ago, last summer, fall, with syria and in the end stopped short of actually moving forward with u.s. air strikes. part of the reason he did that is because assad said he would turn over his chemical weapons. there was some good news for the administration today. international inspectors said assad turned over all of his declared chemical weapons. the key word there is "declared." the "new york times" article said the reason he did not order air strikes is because he didn't want another iraq.
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so he waited and he has another iraq, plus syria is still festering. when you hear the ambassador to iraq and afghanistan saying he thinks this terror group isis may be worse to deal with than al qaeda at its height with bladen in power -- >> that's what should concern everybody. you got iraq, syria. what you're pointing out here, 300 people, air strikes. what about jordan, lebanon and turkey? >> now there was an ice is video showing ice is trying to get into jordan, recruit people. that could suggest they're trying to go into other countries. the other thing to watch was on what karen was saying, that there may be at least a hundred americans who have gone over to the middle east, are working with isis as jihadists. all of them could have american passports after that training try -- we stressed history, to
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come back the united states. when you have a nont political person saying that -- >> obviously they got the irs, they got the v.a., they still have problems with obamacare and a bad economy that contracted in the last quarter. do you see a different tone, mood going on? >> they're hopeful on the economy because of the jobs number. the contraction is the growth number is something they can't hide. the jobs numbers have been getting better. they're hopeful that will turn around this season. i think the irs -- when we've been pressing that about them, i said the new -- if it's a republican conspiracy theory, why are two years of lois lerner's e-mails missing? and almost every computer expert
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i've talked to says it's nearly impossible to -- a blackberry, an iphone, an ipad. you can fill stillget your e-mails from any one of those devices. >> and the timing is when those people were focusing. . today we learned the e-mail company that had been in recovery days, weeks, after all this happened. >> but then they still have the v.a. looming and you have democrats and republicans reuniting there. they might like the unemployment number going down but 50 million americans on food stamps and 50 million in poverty. >> there's a narrow wind open for this president between now and the mid terms, especially if he was to lose control over the senate. his agenda would be dead after that. he has a narrow to get some job
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initiatives through. after those mid terms, you're talking tonight about hillary clinton in 2016. right after these mid terms -- >> i'm not going to drag you into the political arena. i'll save that for after you leave. chuck todd's comments made a lot of news. >> people took that out of context. >> he was talking about the poll. >> he was talking about the poll. that was an nbc pop, highly respected. the fox new polls also highly respected, i don't care what others say. what chuck said suggests there's a majority, democrats and republicans, are saying he might able to lead for the rest of the term. >> i hope you don't get responsible for the things i say
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because i'm an opinion person and you're not. >> i don't even know you, henry. >> coming up, more reaction, eld kle -- ed klein, the author of "blood feud." we'll ask him why hillary's health could be a real issue come 2016. and later, a crisis at our southern border continues to sp as unaccompanied children rn nare jumping on to moving trains to enter the country illegally. that and more on this busy news night. are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." isis insurgent in iraq continue their bloody march toward baghdad. the latest setback for iraq's military force comes just days after the president announced he'll be sending 300 u.s. military advisers to iraq. here with reaction to all of this is fox news contributor colonel alan west and fox news military analyst general tom mcinerney is with us.
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good to see you. thank you. colonel west, it's a two-part yes. a, is what we're seeing city and town after town be toppled ground we had gained through a lot of bloodshed on america's part, is that a direct result of the president pulling out early and with that said, what do we do now? >> well, there can be no debate about the fact we left a vacuum there. in 2011, i was on a visit to israel and prime minister benjamin netanyahu said don't withdraw all of your forces out of iraq because you will create a vacuum. what we're seeing is the exact same killing fields of pol pot and could be worst. we have to function on the d
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decimation. it will bode very bad for the united states of america and indeed the entire world. >> what do we do, colonel? >> i think you've got to start striking on them, hit their base camps, their lines of communication -- >> so air strikes and intelligence? >> i think you have the intelligence and the air strikes initially to soften them up and i believe you're going to vo to go in and mop up and make sure you've and i'nihilated the enem. >> what do you do now with the territory that was under their control and is now gone? >> it was definitely caused about that vacuum no, doubt about it.
7:18 pm
maliki lived in iran for 20 years while he was exiled. the fact is he has a propensity and he's really aligned with the iranians. number one target in that region for us is iran. let's remember before we do anything. number two, we need to get the sauer saris, the qataris. they are trying to put a sunni firewall between iraq and the levant. and unless we acknowledge that and get them involved and probably the most important thing is if we don't get a new prime minister, we've lost iraq. no matter what we do, we can carry air strikes, do all of that, sean, but it not going to work until we get the sunnis back into a leadership position
7:19 pm
where they are included in the government along with the kurds. otherwise we have lost iraq. >> let me ask you both this. because rand paul made some news over the weekend when he said what's going on now, he said i don't blame the president but do i blame the iraq war for chaos in the middle east and said it's now a jihadist wonderland, not because we're overinvolved but because we're not involved enough in it. >> i think that's a simplified reaction. i think rand paul does not stand that part of the world. when the president said we pivoting away from the middle east, he basically emboldened all. jihadists that were even there. the question is why did the united states use their assets to support -- i think rand paul
7:20 pm
was saying something that might have been platically expedient. >> thank you both for being with us. coming up, ed klein's brand new book "blood feud" is rocking washington tonight. >> and also later tonight. >> we know first that targeting occurred. therefore, second, we know that this is worse than article two of the nixon impeachment count, which says nixon endefored to use the irs ask. >> announcer: pain from the day can haunt you at night. don't let it."
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welcome back to "hannity." my next guest is making waves by claiming the two most powerful families in the democratic party just doesn't gn't get along and the relationship between the clintons and obamas has devolved to a blood match. joining me is author ed klein. you were the editor of newsweeks for, what 12 years? >> 12 years. >> the left hates you. every time do i a book, i do an interview with you, there's
7:24 pm
massive attacks on you. >> that's right. >> so you're expecting it this time. >> it hasn't happened yet. i'm ready for it. >> interestingly, your book is ahead of hillary's. >> her book is going down, mine is going up. >> you say they have a nickname for hillary, hildebeast. >> right. >> i see you sourced the book but a lot of these are unnamed sources. that's where you're going to get attacked. what is your answer, especially on knowing of sillry's health? bill clinton on obama more than any man i've never met. there are a couple things -- what people don't understand
7:25 pm
when they say why do they talk now? they talk to you because they want to boast about the fact that they're close to power and they want to tell you how important they are. and then they also want to get their point of view across as well. >> other media source does it all the time but when you do it, you're attacked more. do you think that's unfair? >> do i. it comes with the territory. i think what i do is get more into the personal lives of these people than a lot of the other political books do. >> you talk about hillary's health and age. and you go into great pes physicality. how could you possibly find out about her health? >> her doctor, alan schwartz,
7:26 pm
who i tried to reach but wouldn't talk to me. >> you tried. >> and bill told me hillary had heart valve problems and they were considering doing heart valve replacement surgery. bill was told that she had to be monitored for the rest of her life. >> all right. going back to this bill clinton/barack obama hatred. it's pretty interesting -- when bill clinton said they played the race card on me and they planned to do it from the very beginning, he never got over that, did he? >> never. and to this day he talks about it almost like compulsively. how could they play the race card on me? he keeps on talking about it, he considers himself still the first black president, even though we now have a real black president. >> i have a friend of bill clinton's, i'm not going to say who, who told me he thinks obama is the most incompetent person he's seen in politics. is that true? >> that's true.
7:27 pm
and bill has said that repeatedly in private conversations, that's he's incompetent and unable to manage thing. >> you planed there was a deal. that the reason that they went so elf for him is they agreed during a golf game, even though he didn't like him and didn't think he deserved reelection and he said so, if in return obama would promise to back hillary in 2016. that was the deal. >> and there was a big battle you chronicle in the book about how obama wand hillary to take the fall on benghazi. and told her that ewho wanted hillary to put out this story about a video. she called bill and told him
7:28 pm
that. bill was in little rock at the time. he said you can't do that. and they discussed what she could do. and they decided that she couldn't say no to the president because if she did or if she resigned, the democrats would they ever let me go back to the health issue of hillary for a second. bill said it took her six months to recover. >> six months of hard, physical rehabilitation to recover. >> you're saying her health and aids -- she really is unfaelt. >> you know, i'm not a doctor and i couldn't talk to her daughter because he wouldn't talk to me. but other doctors have told me this is a condition that has to
7:29 pm
be watched. i don't want to say she is therefore incapable of running for president. but like other people who have had physical ailments, she has to come clean so the american public can actually judge. >> i think this is important. >> in 2008, bill said terrible things about obama and obama said terrible things about the clinton. they've never forgotten that. on top of that, they feel that bill has a possible hold over obama if he gets too close to him. and they don't want that to happen. >> in other words, they may sway
7:30 pm
him? >> yes. because obama is very persuadable when you go out to dinner. so he took this phonend the table and sent a message saying i don't care what you have say. you talk in the book about michelle and barack obama's relationship. they're not getting along, as you say. when they go on she puts her earphones on and doesn to him and tunes them out. they go separate ways when they're on vacation. it is not what i call a warm and fuzzy relationship, although have i to say i think he loves his wife. >> you think she's jealous of him? >> i think she's very jealous of him and feels that he isn't doing as good as she wants him to. >> we're going to have more tomorrow night, we'll be back.
7:31 pm
ed klein, good to see you, thank you. and coming up here on "hannity" -- >> now we know not only her hard drive but six other people intimately involved in this amazingly crashed in a miraculous coincidence. >> george will lays out the reason t reason. with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any
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7:37 pm
needed. >> we know this is worse than article 2 of the nixon impeachment count, which says nixon endeavored to use the irs. the irs back then resisted. this became public in an act of deceit when lois lerner planted a question with a friend and an audience. fourth, we know she has taken the fifth amendment because she as a right to do this when she has a reasonable suspicion that there might be criminal activity involved. fifth, from the timeline you put up today, there has been 13 months of stonewalling on this and now we know that not only her hard drive but six other people intimately involved in this suddenly crashed in an amazing coincidence. >> joining me, two katies, i'll straighten it out. katie pavlich, he laid out such
7:38 pm
a compelling case, we laid out a compelling case. all the e-mails go missing at once. the irs commissioner said they had them. they lied, lied, lied, lied. >> i think it's really important to talk about what the e-mails are. it's not all the e-mails that are missing, only the e-mails going to the white house, department of justice and outside groups are meeting. she doesn't have the ones that are going outside of the irs, which would be the most damning of the e-mails from january 2009 to april 2011. i think we need to focus on what we do have. we have e-mail from lois learner sending confidential -- we that she was working to get a criminal case together to prosecute one of these groups to send a message to all of them.
7:39 pm
>> do you think gavin mcguinness, that they are involved in a massive coverup and that they could possibly get caught? >> yes. i think both are true. i think it will be easy to catch them once we get serious about what's going on here. anyone who knows anything about computers is the only way you can destroyed it. your e-mails are not on the hard drive. they're on a server. >> we've done this a million times. we've all done this ourselves. >> kate you look that from him baum's favorite -- >> to add some humor to the situation. he did create one green job, which is the job of recycling
7:40 pm
lois lerner's kputer. a little more serious. i applaud you for drawing attention to this. barack obama 60% of millennials voted for barack obama in 2012. they did not have the opportunity to hear the truth that the tea pear was going to offer us. >> because -- lois lerner, i think the smoking gun e-mail and we played it on the program is lois lerner saying they want to us do it, they want the irs to do it. >> i did that, too, on we reported showing sarah ingram, who is in care of implementing the obama care. sheep said she seemed americans
7:41 pm
pore proz up doesn't mean that this is a wide cope? terms of of who is involved here. it's not just in the irs. it goes directly to the department of justice. >> what is all the tap tu on the other size. i don't even know anymore. >> you were talking about these voters didn't have the opportunity to get the information. you could hand them the most controversial watergate stuff imaginable and they wouldn't care because they're voting for the cool guy. >> my point and that's why i wrote this book is because there's a new harvard poll out that said milwaukees are said to
7:42 pm
other cole. >> the only one who is not a millennial here is me and gavin. >> we need accountability from our president. so our generation is going to demand that. >> as soon as they started when we get their take, all these illegal children literally jumping on moving trains because they think the president will give them and nesty. and willie's brother, running for the hills ♪ or the smoky spice of the southwest...
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." disturbing new reports from our nation's southern border tonight. now we have video of unaccompanied illegal children jumping on trains to get to the u.s. why is that happening? because they all think and they're all spreading word that if they get to this country now, they're all going to get amnesty. >> maybe kids are the on ones
7:48 pm
dumb enough to believe it these days. the number in immigration is going down because -- >> the reality is there's a real crisis here. look at these kids on top of train, risking their lives, coming without parents. >> open borders are inhumane borders. if they know they can get through the border by themselves, these are kids, they aren't drug cartels, coming across and turning themselves in. that's because we don't have a border. they're really upset. they signed up to patrol the border and not to baby sit. >> that's what joe said on that prom last week. not their job. >> we do have what the president claims a humanitarian crisis, the we haven't to help people all over the world, but if we
7:49 pm
don't control the border, though. >> we can't take care of children until we get our economy back on track. we need -- you mentioned before the break that people are living at home with huh parents. we have over a third of millennials living at home with your parents. >> i think of anything -- >> but this is the straight same us, they say go get a job, it's a life time. >> we have 43% of our generation that's knot white. so we do want a diverse country. but at the same time we can't help these children if we don't have jobs -- >> i don't want to solve the dhirn. they're being sent here and
7:50 pm
>> i spent ten years, you're rewarding people to break rules. >> and we have to point out, too, drug traffickers are getting paid to keep children from the border but ice is delivering them, to there is -- >> and you think to get back at that state for what they did? >> he wants young people to come into this country because that destabilizes the country of phone shall voters
7:51 pm
he doesn't care about their humanity. we need more solutions. by having a better economy, we can start providing to others. >> good to see you all. two kings and i didn't mix them up, once. >> thanks ht. >> i was working on that. >> we'll find out what is on those tattoos. >> thank you. >> coming up next a member of the extended duck dynasty family setting sights on washington, coming up next. hammer that in. nice. wrench? what? aflac! so this is who you brought to help us out? oh yeah, he's the best. he doesn't look like he's seen a tool in his life. oh, he doesn't know anything about tools. aflac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac! but when i broke my arm, he lent a hand. he paid my claim in just four days. four days? wow!
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welcome back to "hannity" my next guest is the star of the hit tv show "duck dynasty" running for congress, saying his
7:57 pm
basic platform begin was god. he joins me now, zach, how are you? welcome to the program. >> doing good, sean, how are you? >> where is the beer, man? >> i saved it. after duck season comes off i'm one of the few robertsons that has to act like a professional. >> you may lose phil robert sop's vote if you keep this up. >> i know. >> you are running for office. it's amazing. well not really amazing they're well loveed and well liked and people respect what they stand for. but did power and support of the family is pretty important in this race. what difference does it make to you, do you think? >> well, the support of the family means a lot to me. i mean, we share a similar background and philosophy, be it political or spiritual beliefs as well. they're going to be a big part of the campaign i'm going to have phil as my pr
7:58 pm
director, he's good with media. and sy is my consultant. >> sy? i don't know about that. >> we're working on details >> what about issues when the family comes under fire? involving social issues? where do you stand in that? >> well, i am a social conservative. my platform begins with god. in washington we look and we can see an erosion away from that platform well. see ruling class kicked god out, placing them selves and that scares me. we didn't send these folks to washington, d.c. to determine our rights, but to defend our rights. >> do you think social issues, looking at unemployment lowest participate since 1958 50 million americans out of work. some real problems, then, we've
7:59 pm
been chronicling that all night, every night. is it social issues? the economy? what's happening abroad? >> i think all of the issues are sympt sympt symptomatic of a larger problem, which is a government that believes they're god men's rights do not come from other men, they come from god all mighty. we're createed and all rights come from god, not man. >> what are your top three issues? if you can change them, what would it be? >> overturn obamacare. that is the government forcing us to purchase their health care insurance. common core, and in our district i believe epa regulations on farmers are out of control every situation is the government coming in and trying to dictate what we're going to do in a local level. >> zach, appreciate it.
8:00 pm
we'll follow the race closely, appreciate it. >> thanks sean. >> we hope you'll set your dvr, record "hannity" each week night. we hope you'll start your day with fox and friends. thanks for joining us we'll sue you back here.